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Knowledge Management untuk Rumah Sakit

Management Rumah Sakit

Human Resource Management: A Critical Approach (Edited) by David G. Collings and Geoffrey Wood

Personnel Management

1.Strategi HRM 2.Ethics in HRM 3.Knowledge Management 4.HRM and Management

Business Administration Education: Changes In Management And Leadership Strategies (Edited) by Joan Marques

Business and Management

1.Management. 2.Leadership. 3.Business Education

Instalasi Listrik Arus Kuat 3 - Rangkaian Motor, Tindakan Pengamanan, Soal-Soal Ujian dan Praktikum

Listrik Arus Kuat

From Crime To Punishment: A Critical Analysis Of Criminal Prosedure


From Crime to Punishment examines three specific areas of current controversy: penal reform, criminal procedure, and gun control.

A Text Book Of Transportation Engineering

Transportation Engineering

The aim of bringing out this book is to acquaint the students with the whole field of Transportation in so far as Civil Engineering is involved and at the same time to provide enough training in each branches of Transpostation Engineering for an elementary understanding of the character of professional practice in that branch.

Electromechanical Energy Conversion


One of the areas affected by this new trend in engineering teaching is the study of electrical machinery and transducers.

Development Planning and Policy Design

Development Planning

A significant part of the book is devoted to understanding the mechanisms of social exchange pervasive in developing countries, which create a tendency in the self-regulating societal system towards precipitating and maintaining poor conditions.